What do our customers say about us?

What customers say about our staff, our products and the support we give to buyers and owners matters to all our management team and everyone we employ. We take special care with first time buyers not just so they come back to us for their next boat, but because we get a kick from getting nice people afloat and helping them to enjoy their boats safely.

Maybe that's why many of our customers come back time after time and Walton Marine has become one of the UK's leading motor boat distributors. We have the enviable reputation for providing an exceptional level of service and with Jeanneau's help are able to offer great value and the finest range of motor boats in the UK.

If you have a complaint, then you can get a copy of our Complaints Procedure by emailing sales@waltonmarine.co.uk

Here's a selection of some of the many comments we have received from customers, many of whom are now friends and keep in touch on a regular basis.

Mr Robert Malek - South Coast
Following the purchase of a new Jeanenau Cap Camarat 635DC bought from our Hamble Office in Southampton.

Hi Chris,

Just a quick note to let you know how we’re getting on with Liz Ahoy!

Firstly, we were really very happy with the purchase process from start to finish.

Also, the handover was also great, and to see her for the first time in the water was a special moment to always remember and ten out of ten for organising the superb weather. Paul did a good job helping Pip in getting used being at the helm. All in all, it was a special day the family will be able reminisce fondly about in the future.

Last week we were on holiday down on the Lizard and out of 5 days we spent 3 days using the boat. She really is an effortless performer with that fabulous V6 Suzuki purring away. The bow ladder has already proved its worth, being used every time so far.

When we got back home the package with the spare cushion fasteners had arrived, many thanks.

So, from the proud owners of Liz Ahoy! many thanks for everything to both you & Paul.

Kind regards


Mr Andrew Wilton - South Coast
Following the purchase of a new Jeanenau Merry Fisher 645 bought from our Hamble Office in Southampton.


Thanks for these Chris and thanks also to both you and Rob for the time that you spent with us yesterday and for making such an early start to get down to us in time! We’re really pleased with the boat and it’s been a pleasure to deal with you, Paul and Rob – I’m sure we’ll be in touch again.

Kind regards


Mr Richard Harris - South Coast
Following the purchase of a new Jeanenau Merry Fisher 595 bought from our Hamble Office in Southampton.

Dear Paul,

I would like to thank you for your visit to me in Poole on the 15/4/2011 to attend to a couple of small problems on my new boat.

I must say that it makes me feel that I purchased the boat from the correct company when I selected Walton Marine.

To get after sales service like this on a small problem makes me very confident that should I have a serious problem it would receive the same sort of attention.

One again many thanks.

Yours Sincerely

Richard Harris

Stefan Bishop - South Coast
Following the fitting of a new canopy by our After Sales Department.


Thankyou very much for an excellent job fitting the canopy. We are extremely happy with it and it has been fitted extremely well.

Chris, thankyou for pulling out the stops to complete this in time, greatly appreciated.

With best regards (and until next time...)


Celia Clark - Southampton
Following sale of their boat by our Southampton Office.

Hi Tim

Many thanks to you and to Chris (and Paul) for helping us sell our boat. It was a very sad day today when we handed her over to Ross but I am sure that he will have many hours of fun just like we have.

As I said on the phone I was very pleased with the service and support you gave me. It was a difficult decision to sell our boat but once we had made our mind up to sell you really helped us through what for me was a very stressful time.


Celia Clark

Steve Springford - Southampton
Letter published in Motor Boats Monthly following purchase of a new JEANNEAU PRESTIGE bought from our Brighon Office.


I must congratulate you on the excellent standard of your boat test articles and, in particular, on the comparisons between boats of similar size and classes. Your recent detailed report on the "Flying Fifties" was not only informative and helpful but a very interesting and mouth-watering read.

There is one point that I feel is sometimes overlooked and, whilst I accept that it is possibly hard to quantify, I do think it is relevant in these days of plenty of choice in most categories of boat. I refer to the service and post-sale care provided by dealers. Clearly nobody is going to buy any particular model of boat purely because they like the dealer but when there are so many manufacturers offering so many similar boats I do think it is a point worthy of consideration even if it is towards the bottom of the list of priorities. My wife and I bought our first boat as complete novices following a visit to the Southampton boat show in 1999. It was a 35ft Renaissance river cruiser and six months after taking ownership I wrote to your sister publication MBM praising Walton Marine, our dealer, for their exceptional service and attention. I am please to say that six years on their interest and helpful attitude has never let up so much so that we have just taken delivery of our fifth boat from them, a Jeanneau Prestige 46 and I have to say that we have received first class attention from Walton particularly in terms of technical support and advice as well as in making the whole process a thoroughly enjoyable and stress-free experience. There are those who will say that any company will pull out the stops for someone who they think might buy boats on such a regular basis but, in reality, we all know that this is not the case just as it isn't with some car dealers. I have had the pleasure of meeting lots of other Walton customers many of whom share the same view as me irrespective of how many boats they have bought.

My point is that, if when deciding what boat to buy you are torn between two or three different makes, it may pay dividends to research the reputation of the various dealers before making your final decision. If one of them happens to be Walton Marine, buy the boat!

Steve Springford
A Satisfied Customer

Don Hume - Isle of Wight
Following purchase of a new JEANNEAU PRESTIGE bought from our Hamble Office in Southampton.

I have been boating for many years and have owned several craft including sailing yachts and then more recently powerboats.

I have owned a couple of the most popular powerboats, both of which have been secondhand, and both of which have come with the inherited problems from their previous owners.

In 2007 I decided that it was time to buy something new, and after some considerable thought and research I purchased my "pocket rocket", a Jeanneau Cap Camarat 755WA from the local Jeanneau Agent in Southampton.

This was where I first made the aquaintance of Tim Syson, who was one of the sales team at the time. Tim was very helpfull and the sale went off without a hitch. Subsequently when it came round to the Southampton Boat Shows we always made a point of visiting the Jeanneau Stand to keep abreast of the latest models and Tim was always there to show us around.

In March of this year I decided that it was time to look for a larger boat that would give us more room for socialising.

I had been more than satisfied with the Cap Camarat so Jeanneau was the obvious choice. Walton Marine were now the new Jeanneau Agents in my area and you can imagine my surprise when my first telephone enquiry was answered by the now familiar voice of Tim Syson.

Tim was now part of the team at Walton Marine along with Chris Atterton, Sales Director, and Paul Brackstone, Technical Director.

Tim and Chris soon put a deal together to take my Cap Camarat in part exchange against another Jeanneau.

I was undecided at that point as to whether to go for the Prestige 34s or the smaller 30s as both deals were very good value for money. This was when the Walton Marine team really excelled themselves, not only were they willing to offer me sea trials on both of the boats, but they would also bring them both to my home marina in Cowes so that I could test them alongside each other. Dispite a plastered broken leg Paul put the boats through their paces for me and I was also allowed to try the helm myself. I found this very helpfull and I finally opted for the 30s.

The sale proceeded without any problems and each member of the team was always available to answer any of my queiries. I was very impressed with all aspects of the process, from boat valeting right through to handover.

Chris and Tim dealt with all the paper work etc. and Paul made sure that all the technical points were dealt with.

On handover day the boat was delivered to her new home in Cowes Yacht Haven and I was given an in depth lesson on all the technical bits and pieces by Paul, and then some boat handling tips both at sea and in the Marina.

We have enjoyed our first season with the new boat, and Tim telephones from time to time to check that all is well.

I have found the whole process of buying through Walton Marine a most enjoyable experience and would thoroughly recommend them to anyone.

Mark & Helen Meopham
Following purchase of a new JEANNEAU CAP CAMARAT bought from our Hamble Office in Southampton.

Hi Paul.
Guess what my Engine has its new cover, for which I suspect I owe you.
So thanks for your help, I suspect it was down to you rather than the local dealer, who finally managed to get it resolved.
I now have 2 covers, a sunday best, and work days.
We have now passed the 325 hour mark, and are very happy with Engine and Boat, if you have anybody that wants one, just put them in contact with us, and we shall sing its and your praises.
Mark and Helen.

Ray & Diana Goodey
Following sale of their used SEA OTTER NARROWBOAT bought from our Thames Office in Walton on Thames.

Dear Peter,

We would sincerely like to thank you for helping to make the selling of our narrowboat so easy. For us it was a big step as we have always owned a boat of some kind through the years, and a great wrench, but personal circumstances made the time right.

We hope business will continue to be good for you and that you have a good crop of runner beans.

Lee Brewster

Following purchase of new JEANNEAU LEADER bought from our Brighton Office.

Dear Chris,
RE: Worth working for
as always you and the team are stars, thanks.

Nicola Ellicot
Following purchase of a used JEANNEAU PRESTIGE bought from our Bristol Channel Office now in Cardiff.

Good morning, you don’t know me I am Rob Ellicott’s daughter. He and my 2 uncles Geoff and Steve would like to thank you for your help and assistance in purchasing Box Clever you have been extremely helpful at all times. Dad says he couldn’t have asked for better customer service than what he has received from you over the past few weeks, once again I thank you for your kindness and assistance.
My dad said could you please send the pictures of the boat to me.
Thanks Nicky.

Ian & Jane
Following purchase of a new JEANNEAU PRESTIGE bought from our Brighton Office.

Dear Chris/Paul,
Thank you for all your assistance last week.
The journey back was a bit lumpy - we went well to the South of the Selsey inner channel and were down to less than 2000 revs for much of the trip. I helmed from the flybridge and got a good washing for my trouble!! The trip took around 4 hours in total.
When we got to Sparkes we were presented with a berth 3 feet wider than the 36 and a strong cross wind. I had four attempts at getting her in transom first and on the final go managed to get her in without touching either side......much to the relief of the guy next to us in his Targa 40 (?) something.
We spent all Sunday on board the new Truant making her homely. We have many plans for the coming season and thought that we should thank you both for
a. Making it possible
& b. helping us with the transition.
We wish you all the success for the coming year and hope that your efforts are rewarded as they should be;
Best wishes;

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